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Incomplete examinations procedure and study entitlement

When you register for an exam you begin an incomplete examinations procedure. You can only finish this if you

  1. step back from the exam with a medical certificate.
  2. pass the exam.
  3. finally don’t pass the exam.


When you step back with a medical certificate or don’t pass the exam you will be registered for the next exam automatically in the following semester. If you stepped back with a medical certificate from your first attempt you have the chance to deregister from the exam.

If you didn’t pass, than you have to write the exam. If you fail fort the third time the exam is finally not passed which means that the entitlement for your studies is lost.

Before the third attempt you have to chance to take part in the lecture again.


For the rest, there is no chance to come out oft he incomplete examinations procedure by exmatriculation or even by death.