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Study abroad

Every student is entitled to study abroad for one semester. Students at the Faculty of Engineering benefit from the Faculty’s close-knit web of partner universities. Our academic staff also maintains contacts with many universities worldwide. 

Programme und Partnerhochschulen


A work placement abroad is also a great way to gain valuable professional experience.

Leave of absence

During your studies abroad you have the possibility to apply for a leave ob abscence at the Freiburg University. During this leave of absence, you are not allowed to take part into lectures with the exception of exams.

You have to apply at the Service Center Studium for your leave of absence.

Overlap of exams

Often the study periods of other countries are different from the german one, therefore it is possible that your semester abroad starts in the examination period of the Faculty of Engineering. In this case, you have the following options:


  1. Since we have every exam each semester you can write the exam when you finished your semester abroad and went back to Germany.
  2. If this is no option for you, than you can apply
  • for being examined earlier (which means before you leave for your semester abroad)
  • to write the exam at the same time at the university in your studies abroad.


You have to apply for both at the examinations committee. Please fill in our form for applying and hand in a certification that you have been accepted by the guest university for your studies abroad as well.

If you want to write the exam at the guest university, please contact the responsible person there before you apply and clear the conditions. The exam must be written at the exact same time and you have to be supervised. Please note that some universities may take a fee for this.

It may also be possible that the examiner oft he Faculty of Engineering refuses your request for writing the exam abroad, because it requires a lot of effort and it may also be risky for him/her.

Learning Agreement

The EU Commission expects universities taking part in the ERASMUS programme to require students participating in the ERASMUS programme to sign a Learning Agreement, along with their home university and the host university, before going on an ERASMUS exchange. The Learning Agreement binds all three parties: The host university confirms that the participant is allowed to attend the courses listed in the agreement, the student commits him or herself to take part in the study programme and the Faculty of Engineering confirms that the respective credits will be transferred after the student’s return. The Faculty of Engineering recommends this procedure for all students taking part in an exchange programmes (not just ERASMUS). 
Students should request a Learning Agreement as soon as they are accepted to a host university. It is important that the content of the courses, the assessment guidelines and credits (ECTS) generally comply with those of the home university. Please consult the respective module handbook and the course overview of the host and home university for necessary information.


Requesting a Learning Agreement

  1. The Course Overview and the module handbook contain all necessary information on the courses and modules of the Faculty of Engineering.
  2. All exchange students should inform themselves about what courses are offered at the host university and select those which are most likely to be accepted by their home university.
  3. The Learning Agreement form should be filled in and submitted to the Examinations Office of the Faculty of Engineering.
  4. Printed, detailed course descriptions (structure of course, description of assessment guidelines) in English or German should be submitted along with the application.
  5. The Board of Examiners will review all documents and draw up the Learning Agreement, which the student will receive from the Examinations Office.
  6. In addition to the Learning Agreement, the student will receive a Learning Agreement – Evaluation of the Student in English. The host university must confirm the grades stated in this form in order for grades to be transferred to the German grade system. Otherwise the credits earned will be transferred without a grade.
  7. After completing their study abroad, the exchange student should submit the Transcript of Records and the Learning Agreement – Evaluation of the Student to the Examinations Office.
  8. The respective credits will be transferred and the student will receive a conformation of acceptance from the Examinations Office.