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Jahre: 2018


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    • Felix Neubauer, Jan Burchard, Pascal Raiola, Jochen Rivoir, Bernd Becker, Matthias Sauer
      Efficient Generation of Parametric Test Conditions for AMS Chips with an Interval Constraint Solver
      2018 IEEE VLSI Test Symposium (VTS'18)
    • Stevens L, Hauser H, Höhn O, Tucher T, Wellens C, Jahn R, Glaubitt W, Müller C, Bläsi B
      Nanoimprinted sol-gel- materials as antireflective structures for silicon solar cells
      2018 SPIE Konferenz Straßburg 2018 SPIE Konferenz Straßburg
    • S. Vierrath, M. Breitwieser, C. Klose, M. Klingele, S. Thiele
      Novel approaches to tailor the PEM|electrode interface for fuel cells with increased power density
      2018 innBW Wissenschaftlertreffen Stuttgart, 21.04.2018
    • Stieglitz T
      When technology hits the nerve-intelligent implants in neurological treatment and rehabilitation.
      2018 XPOMET, Die Convention für Innovation und Hightech in der Medizin, 21.-23.03.2018, Leipzig
    • Felix Neubauer, Jan Burchard, Pascal Raiola, Jochen Rivoir, Bernd Becker, Matthias Sauer
      High-Coverage AMS Test Space Optimization by Efficient Parametric Test Condition Generation
      2018 GI/ITG Workshop “Testmethoden und Zuverlässigkeit von Schaltungen und Systemen”
    • Uwe Wagschal, Thomas Metz, Thomas Waldvogel, Bernd Becker, Linus Feiten, Samuel Weishaupt
      Online real-time-response measurement in real life settings: the Debat-O-Meter
      2018 Cologne 20th General Online Research Conference (GOR)
    • Stieglitz T
      “Wenn Technik den Nerv trifft… Miniaturisierte Implantate in der Neurotechnik und für Elektrozeutika”
      2018 Fachtagung Kunststoff trifft Medizintechnik, 31.01.-01.02.2018, Leipzig (2018).
    • Stieglitz T
      Bioelektronische Medizin‑Versprechen und Herausforderungen
      2018 Hochrhein-Seminar, Technisches Gymnasium Waldshut
    • Christian Zimmermann,, T. Welschehold,, C. Dornhege,, W. Burgard,, Thomas Brox
      3D Human Pose Estimation in RGBD Images for Robotic Task Learning
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    • Marx M, De Dorigo D, Nessler S, Rombach S, Manoli Y
      A 27μW 0.06mm² Background Resonance Frequency Tuning Circuit Based on Noise Observation for a 1.71 mW CT-ΔΣ MEMS Gyroscope Readout System With 0.9°/h Bias Instability
      2018 IEEE Journal Solid-State Circuits (JSSC), Band: 53, Nummer: 1, Seiten: 174 - 186
    • Khatri B, Lappe K, Nötzel D, Pursche K, Hanemann T
      A 3D-Printable Polymer-Metal Soft-Magnetic Functional Composite-Development and Characterization
      2018 Materials, Band: 11, Seiten: 189-1 - 189-12
    • Shui B, Keller M, Kuhl M, Manoli Y
      A 70.1dB 0.0045mm² Low-Power Continuous-Time Incremental Delta-Sigma Modulator for Multi-Site Neural Recording Interfaces
      2018 accepted for publication and presentation in the IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS)
    • De Dorigo D, Moranz C, Graf H, Marx M, Shui B, Kuhl M, Manoli Y
      A Fully Immersible Deep-Brain Neural Probe with Modular Architecture and a Delta-Sigma ADC Integrated Under Each Electrode for Parallel Readout of 144 Recording Sites
      2018 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC), Digest of Technical Papers, Seiten: 462 - 464
    • Hoch K, Pothof F, Becker F, Paul O, Ruther P
      A Magnetic, Micro-spring-suspended System for the Safe Electrical Interconnection of Neural Implants
      2018 IEEE MEMS Conf. 2018, Belfast, Ireland , Seiten: 369 - 372
    • Cai Y, Manoli Y
      A Piezoelectric Energy-Harvesting Interface Circuit with Fully Autonomous Conjugate Impedance Matching, 156% Extended Bandwidth, and 0.38μW Power Consumption
      2018 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC), Digest of Technical Papers, Seiten: 148 - 150
    • Nessler S, Marx M, Manoli Y
      A Self-Test on Wafer Level for a MEM Gyroscope Readout Based on Delta-Sigma Modulation
      2018 IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems - Part I (TCAS I), Band: 65, Nummer: 3, Seiten: 870 - 880
    • Banerjee K, Rajaeipour P, Ataman C, Zappe H
      A low-cost, 25-actuator electrostatic deformable mirror with polyimide membrane for adaptive optics microscopy (Best Student Paper Award)
      2018 Proceedings of SPIE, Band: 10545, Seite: 105450G
    • Zhao P, Ataman C, Zappe H
      A miniaturized camera objective with 2X optical zoom
      2018 Proceedings of SPIE, Band: 10545, Seite: 1054508
    • Faubert P, Kondov I, Qazzazie D, Yurchenko O, Müller C
      A non-noble Cr–Ni-based catalyst for the oxygen reduction reaction in alkaline polymer electrolyte fuel cells
      2018 Mrs Commun, Seite: 1
    • Hoschke, Klaus, Pfaff, Aron, Fleig, Luisa, Bierdel, Marius, Jaecklein, Martin, Riedel, Werner, Hiermaier, Stefan
      A parametric mesostructural approach for robust design of additive manufacturing parts
      2018 Fraunhofer Direct Digital Manufacturing Conference, DDMC 2018, Fraunhofer Verlag, Stuttgart, Seite: 6
    • Agrawal Akshay, Verschueren Robin, Diamond Steven, Boyd Stephen
      A rewriting system for convex optimization problems
      2018 Journal of Control and Decision, Band: 5, Nummer: 1, Seiten: 42 - 60
    • Fiath R, Raducanu B C, Musa S, Andrei A, Lopez C M, van Hoof C, Ruther P, Aarts A, Horvath D, Ulbert I
      A silicon-based neural probe with densely-packed low-impedance titanium nitride microelectrodes for ultrahigh-resolution in vivo recordings
      2018 Biosens Bioelectron, Band: 106, Seiten: 86 - 92
    • Lachner-Piza D, Epitashvili N, Schulze-Bonhage A, Stieglitz T, Jacobs J, Dumpelmann M
      A single channel sleep-spindle detector based on multivariate classification of EEG epochs: MUSSDET.
      2018 J Neurosci Meth, Band: 297, Seiten: 31 - 43
    • Butz N, Kalita U, Kuhl M, Manoli Y
      Active Charge Balancer with 6.6 to 40V Quad-Rail Power Supply Compliance for Neural Stimulators
      2018 accepted for publication and presentation in the IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS)
    • Heizmann S, Kilias A, Ruther P, Egert U, Asplund M
      Active Control of Dye Release for Neuronal Tracing Using PEDOT-PSS Coated Electrodes
      2018 Ieee T Neur Sys Reh, Band: 26, Seiten: 299 - 306
    • Ralf Wimmer, Karina Wimmer, Christoph Scholl, Bernd Becker
      Analysis of Incomplete Circuits Using Dependency Quantified Boolean Formulas
      In: Advanced Logic Synthesis
      2018, Springer International Publishing, André Inácio Reis, Rolf Drechsler, Seiten: 151 - 168, André Inácio Reis, Rolf Drechsler, ISBN: 978-3-319-67294-6
    • Ralf Wimmer, Karina wimmer, Christoph Scholl, Bernd Becker
      Analysis of Incomplete Circuits using Dependency Quantified Boolean Formulas
      In: Advanced Logic Synthesis
      2018, Springer, André Ignacio Reis and Rolf Drechsler, Seiten: 151 - 168, André Ignacio Reis and Rolf Drechsler, ISBN: 978-3-319-67294-6
    • Feißt M, Möller E, Wilde J
      Analysis of Transient Thermal-Mechanical Stresses in Power Devices Using Test Chips and Optical Techniques
      2018 10th International Conference on Integrated Power Electronics Systems (CIPS), Stuttgart, Seiten: 269 - 273
    • Manuel Ruder, Alexey, Dosovitskiy, Thomas Brox
      Artistic style transfer for videos and spherical images
      2018 Int J Comput Vision
    • M.C. Wapler, F. Lemke, G. Alia, U. Wallrabe
      Aspherical high-speed varifocal mirror for miniature catadioptric objectives
      2018 Opt Express, Band: 26, Nummer: 5, Seiten: 6090 - 6102
    • A Gola, P Gumbsch, L Pastewka
      Atomic-scale simulation of structure and mechanical properties of Cu(1−x)Ag(x)|Ni multilayer systems
      2018 Acta Mater, Band: 150, Seiten: 236 - 247
    • J. Peter,, L. Schumacher,, V.Landerer,, Ahmed Abdulkadir,, C.Kaller,, J. Lahr,, S. Kloeppel
      Biological Factors Contributing to the Response to Cognitive Training in Mild Cognitive Impairment
      2018 J Alzheimers Dis, Band: 61, Nummer: 1, Seiten: 333 - 345
    • S. Adhikari, V. Badilita, U. Wallrabe, J.G. Korvink
      Capacitor re-design overcomes the rotation rate limit of MACS Resonators.
      2018 Conc. Mag. Res. B
    • Dongyang C, Behrmann O, Hufert F, Dame G, Urban G
      Capacity of rTth polymerase to detect RNA in the presence of various inhibitors
      2018 Plos One, Band: 13, Nummer: 1, Seite: e0190041

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    • V Sandfort, J Goldschmidt, J Wöllenstein, S Palzer
      Cavity-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy for Food Chain Management
      2018 Sensors-basel, Band: 18, Nummer: 3, Seite: 709
    • Tobias Seufert, Christoph Scholl
      Combining PDR and Reverse PDR for Hardware Model Checking
      2018 Conference on Design, Automation and Test in Europe (DATE)
    • A Klemenz, A Gola, M Moseler, L Pastewka
      Contact mechanics of graphene-covered metal surfaces
      2018 Appl Phys Lett, Band: 112, Seite: 061601
    • Jia Y, Hanka K, Zawilski K, Schunemann P, Buse K, Breunig I
      Continuous-wave whispering-gallery optical parametric oscillator based on CdSiP₂
      2018 Opt Express, Band: 26, Nummer: 8, Seiten: 10833 - 10841
    • Werner C, Sturman B, Podivilov E, Kini Manjeshwar S, Buse K, Breunig I
      Control of mode anticrossings in whispering gallery microresonators
      2018 Opt Express, Band: 26, Nummer: 2, Seiten: 762 - 771
    • K. Mitsakakis, S. Hin, P. Müller, N. Wipf, E. Thomsen, M. Coleman, R. Zengerle, J. Vontas, K. Mavridis
      Converging Human and Malaria Vector Diagnostics with Data Management towards an Integrated Holistic One Health Approach
      2018 International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Band: 15, Nummer: 2, Seite: E259
    • L. Minkova,, S. Gregory,, R. Scahill,, Ahmed Abdulkadir,, C. Kaller,, J. Peter,, J. Long,, J. Stout,, R. Reilmann,, R. Roos, A. Durr, B. Leavit, S. Tabrizi, S. Kloeppel
      Cross-sectional and longitudinal voxel-based grey matter asymmetries in Huntingtons disease
      2018 Neuroimage, Band: 17, Seiten: 312 - 324
    • M Azhar, S Shakil, A Greiner, D Kauzlaric, JG Korvink
      DPD enables mesoscopic MRI simulation of slow flow
      2018 Microfluid Nanofluid, Band: 22, Nummer: 5, Seite: 55
    • M Azhar, S Shakil, A Greiner, D Kauzlaric, JG Korvink
      DPD of diffusion-weighted MRI
      2018 Comput Fluids
    • Gabriel Leivas Oliveira,, W. Burgard,, Thomas Brox
      DPDB-Net: Exploiting Dense Connections for Convolutional Encoders
      2018 IEEE
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    • A. Middleton,, C. Dal Bosco,, P. Chlap,, Robert Bensch,, H. Harz,, F. Ren,, S. Bergmann,, S. Wend,, W. Weber,, K. Hayashi,, M. Zurbriggen,, R. Uhl,, Olaf Ronneberger,, K. Palme,, C. Fleck,, A. Dovzhenko
      Data-Driven Modeling of Intracellular Auxin Fluxes Indicates a Dominant Role of the ER in Controlling Nuclear Auxin Uptake
      2018 Cell Rep, Band: 22, Nummer: 11, Seiten: 3044 - 3057
    • Pascal Raiola, Michael A. Kochte, Ahmed Atteya, Laura Rodríguez Gómez, Hans-Joachim Wunderlich, Bernd Becker, Matthias Sauer
      Design of Reconfigurable Scan Networks for Secure Data Transmission
      2018 GI/ITG Workshop “Testmethoden und Zuverlässigkeit von Schaltungen und Systemen”
    • Mohsen Ghaffari, Fabian Kuhn, Yannic Maus, Jara Uitto
      Deterministic Distributed Edge-Coloring with Fewer Colors
      2018 ACM Symposium on Theory of Computing (STOC) 2018.
    • S. H. Moosavi, M. Kroener, M. Frei, F. Frick, S. Kerzenmacher, P. Woias
      Development of a TEM Compatible Nanowire Characterization Platform With Self-forming Contacts
      2018 Ieee T Semiconduct M, Band: 31, Nummer: 1, Seiten: 1 - 10
    • Moosavi, Hoda S., Kröner, Michael, Frei, Maxi, Frick, Fabian, Kerzenmacher, Sven, Woias, Peter
      Development of a TEM Compatible Nanowire Characterization Platform With Self-Forming Contacts
      2018 IEEE Transactions on Semiconductor Manufacturing, Band: 31, Nummer: 1, Seite: 22–31
    • N. Wipf, K. Mavridis, S. Hin, K. Mitsakakis, M. Specht, S. Medves, B. Carman, P. Müller, J. Vontas
      Development of multiplex TaqMan assays for the LabDisk – an automated diagnostic platform for malaria vectors
      2018 7th MIM Pan African Malaria Conference - Dakar, 18.04.2018
    • S. Hin, B. Lopez-Jimena, M.A. Bakheit, V. Klein, S. Stack, C. Fall, A.A. Sall, K. Enan, S. Frischmann, L. Gillies, M. Weidmann, S. Goethel, V. Rusu, O. Strohmeier, N. Paust, R. Zengerle, K. Mitsakakis
      Differential diagnosis of fever in West- and East-Africa
      2018 WHO Geneva Health Forum, 10. – 12.04.2018, Genf / Schweiz
    • C.H. Tsai, X. Wu, D.H. Kuan, S. Zimmermann, R. Zengerle, P. Koltay
      Digital hydraulic drive for microfluidics and miniaturized cell culture devices based on shape memory alloy actuators
      2018 J Micromech Microeng
    • Lausecker R, Bollgruen P, Gleißner U, Wallrabe U
      Digital lithography based on renewable materials as a tool for environmentally benign microfabrication
      2018 J Clean Prod, Band: 172, Seiten: 3092 - 3101
    • R. Lausecker, P. Bollgruen, U. Gleißner, U. Wallrabe
      Digital lithography based, on renewable materials as a tool for environmentally benign microfabrication
      2018 J Clean Prod, Band: 172, Seiten: 3092 - 3101
    • Dongyang C, Behrmann O, Hufert F, Dame G, Urban G
      Direct DNA and RNA detection from large volumes of whole human blood
      2018 Sci Rep-uk, Band: 8, Seite: 3410

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    • Dongyang C, Yi Q, Shen C, Lan Y, Urban G, Du W
      Direct enrichment of pathogens from physiological samples of high conductivity and viscosity using H-filter and positive dielectrophoresis
      2018 Biomicrofluidics, Band: 12, Nummer: 1, Seite: 014109
    • B. Gerdes, R. Zengerle, P. Koltay, L. Riegger
      Direct printing of miniscule aluminum alloy droplets and 3D structures by StarJet technology
      2018 J Micromech Microeng, Band: 28, Seite: 074003
    • Roth J, Koch M D, Rohrbach A
      Dynamics of a Protein Chain Motor Driving Helical Bacteria under Stress
      2018 Biophys J, Band: 114, Nummer: 8, Seiten: 1955 - 1969
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    • López-Vidrier J, Gutsch S, Blázquez O, Valenta J, Hiller D, Laube J, Blanco-Portals J, López-Conesa L, Estradé S, Peiró F, Garrido B, Hernández S, Zacharias M
      Effect of Si3N4-Mediated Inversion Layer on the Electroluminescence Properties of Silicon Nanocrystal Superlattices
      2018 Adv Electron Mater, Band: 4, Nummer: 1700666
    • M. Kokko, S. Epple, J. Gescher, S. Kerzenmacher
      Effects of wastewater constituents and operational conditions on the composition and dynamics of anodic microbial communities in bioelectrochemical systems
      2018 Bioresource Technology, Band: 258, Seiten: 376 - 389
    • Szabados J, Kini Manjeshwar S, Breunig I, Buse K
      Electro-optic tuning of potassium tantalate-niobate whispering gallery resonators
      2018 Laser Resonators, Microresonators, and Beam Control XX, San Francisco, CA, United States Proceedings of SPIE, Band: 10518, Seite: 1051802
    • Matylitskaya V, Kasemann S, Urban G, Dincer C, Partel S
      Electrochemical Characterization of Nanogap Interdigitated Electrode Arrays for Lab-on-a-Chip Applications
      2018 J Electrochem Soc, Band: 165, Nummer: 3, Seiten: B127 - B134

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    • Vomero M, Castagnola E, Ordonez JS, Carli S, Zucchini E, Maggiolini E, Gueli C, Goshi N, Ciarpella F, Cea C, Fadiga L, Ricci D, Kassegne S, Stieglitz T
      Electrocorticography Arrays: Incorporation of Silicon Carbide and Diamond-Like Carbon as Adhesion Promoters Improves In Vitro and In Vivo Stability of Thin-Film Glassy Carbon Electrocorticography Arrays
      2018 Advanced Biosystems, Band: 2, Nummer: 1

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    • A Gola, L Pastewka
      Embedded atom method potential for studying mechanical properties of binary Cu-Au alloys
      2018 Model Simul Mater Sc, Band: 26, Seite: 055006
    • Zappe H
      Fluidic micro-imaging systems (Keynote talk).
      2018 13th IEEE International Conference on Nano/Micro Engineered and Molecular Systems (NEMS 2018), Singapore
    • B. Gerdes, M. Jehle, N. Lass, L. Riegger, A. Spribille, M. Linse, F. Clement, R. Zengerle, P. Koltay
      Front side metallization of silicon solar cells by direct printing of molten metal
      2018 Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, Band: 180, Seiten: 83 - 90
    • K. Kraiczek, G. Rozing, R. Zengerle
      G-Index: A New Metric to Describe Dynamic Refractive Index Effects in HPLC Absorbance Detection
      2018 Talanta
    • Lehmann K, Yurchenko O, Melke J, Fischer A, Urban G
      High electrocatalytic activity of metal-free and non-doped hierarchical carbon nanowalls towards oxygen reduction reaction
      2018 Electrochim Acta
    • Mohsen Ghaffari, Fabian Kuhn, Yannic Maus, Juho Hirvonen
      Improved Distributed Delta-Coloring
      2018 ACM Symposium on Principles of Distributed Computing (PODC)
    • Herr S, Buse K, Breunig I
      Incoherently pumped lasing and self-pumped three-wave mixing in laser-active whispering-gallery resonators
      2018 Laser Resonators, Microresonators, and Beam Control XX, San Francisco, CA, United States Proceedings of SPIE, Band: 10518, Seite: 105180U
    • Quirynen R, Gros S, Diehl M
      Inexact Newton-Type Optimization with Iterated Sensitivities
      2018 SIAM Journal on Optimization, Band: 28, Nummer: 1, Seiten: 74 - 95
    • Frederico Goncalves de Cerqueira Lima, Ulrich Mescheder, Gábor Katona, Harald Leiste, Emre Özel, Claas Müller, Holger Reinecke
      Influence of Silicon Doping Type on the Adhesion of Seedless Electrodeposited Copper Layers
      2018 Surf Coat Tech
    • Eiselt T, Preinfalk J, Bittkau K, Gomard G, Hanemann T, Lemmer U
      Inkjet-printed internal light extraction layers for organic light emitting diodes
      2018 Flexible and printed electronics, Band: 3, Seite: 015007
    • Rudmann L, Alt MT, Ashouri Vajari D, Stieglitz T
      Integrated optoelectronic microprobes
      2018 Curr Opin Neurobiol, Band: 50, Nummer: June, Seiten: 72 - 82
    • Kretschmer S, Jäger J, Ataman C, Zappe H
      Integration and biocompatible packaging of multi- modal endoscopic imagers using 3D glass micro structuring
      2018 Proceedings of SPIE, Band: 10545, Seite: 105450Q
    • Chlouba T, Trojánek F, Laube J, Hiller D, Gutsch S, Zacharias M, Malý P
      Interplay of bimolecurlar and Auger recombination in photoexcited carrier dynamics in silicon nanocrystal/silicon dioxide superlattices
      2018 Sci Rep-uk, Band: 1703
    • Otte E, Ayub S, Paul O, Ruther P
      LED-based Intracerebral Optrode for Simultaneous Optical Stimulation and Electrophysiological Recording
      2018 IEEE MEMS Conf. 2018, Belfast, Ireland , Seiten: 384 - 387
    • Koch M D, Rohrbach A
      Label-free imaging and bending analysis of microtubules by ROCS microscopy and optical trapping
      2018 Biophys J, Band: 114, Nummer: 1, Seiten: 168 - 177
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    • Reiterer, A., Leidinger, M.
      Laserscanner zur Lichtraummessung: Präzise messen, effizient auswerten
      2018 EI - Der Eisenbahningenieur, Nummer: Mai 2018, Seiten: 44 - 47
    • Meinert T, Rohrbach A
      Light-sheet microscopy with adaptive Bessel beams
      2018 submitted
    • Fiath R, Hofer KT, Csikos V, Horvath D, Nanasi T, Toth K, Pothof F, Bohler C, Asplund M, Ruther P, Ulbert I
      Long-term recording performance and biocompatibility of chronically implanted cylindrically-shaped, polymer-based neural interfaces.
      2018 Biomedizinische Technik/Biomedical Engineering
    • Yuliya Butkova, Ralf Wimmer, Holger Hermanns
      Markov Automata on Discount!
      2018 19. International GI/ITG Conference on Measurement, Modelling and Evaluation of Computing Systems (MMB), Reinhard German et al., Band: 10740
    • J. Kokert, T. Beckedahl, L. M. Reindl
      Medlay: A Reconfigurable Micro-Power Management to Investigate Self-Powered Systems
      2018 Sensors, Band: 18, Nummer: 1, Seite: 259
    • S. Hin, M. Loskyll, V. Klein, M. Keller, O. Strohmeier, F. von Stetten, R. Zengerle, K. Mitsakakis
      Membrane-based sample inlet for centrifugal microfluidic cartridges
      2018 Microelectron Eng, Band: 187-188, Seiten: 78 - 83
    • Kieninger J, Weltin A, Flamm H, Urban G
      Microsensor systems for cell metabolism – from 2D culture to organ-on-chip
      2018 Lab Chip

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    • Jia Y, Hanka K, Breunig I, Zawilski K.T., Schunemann P.G., Buse K.
      Mid-infrared whispering gallery resonators based on non-oxide nonlinear optical crystals
      2018 Laser Resonators, Microresonators, and Beam Control XX, San Francisco, CA, United States Proceedings of SPIE, Band: 10518, Seite: 105180X
    • Bhat A, Meinert T, Michiels R, Rohrbach A
      Miniature scanning light-sheet illumination implemented in a conventional microscope
      2018 submitted
    • Kirsch M, Böhm T, Joseph K, Asplund M, Hofmann UG, Thiele S, Stieglitz T, Haas CA
      Molecular and structural characterization of probe-tissue interactions in the rat brain.
      2018 Gordon Research Conference on Neuroelectronic Interfaces, 25.-30.03.2018, Galveston, TX, USA
    • B Weber, T Suhina, T Junge, L Pastewka, F Brouwer, D Bonn
      Molecular probes reveal deviations from Amontons’ law in multi-asperity frictional contacts
      2018 Nat Commun, Band: 9, Seite: 888
    • Pasluosta C, Hannink J, Gassner H, Von Tscharner V, Winkler J, Klucken J, Eskofier BM
      Motor output complexity in Parkinson's disease during quiet standing and walking: Analysis of short-term correlations using the entropic half-life.
      2018 Hum Movement Sci, Band: 58, Seiten: 185 - 194
    • Kubon M, Hartmann H, Moschallski M, Burkhardt C, Link G, Werner S, Lavalle P, Urban G, Vrana N E, Stelzle M
      Multimodal Chemosensor‐Based, Real‐Time Biomaterial/Cell Interface Monitoring
      2018 Advanced Biosystems, Seite: 1700236
    • J. Schemberg, M. Specht, M. Karle
      Neue Wege in der Krebsdiagnostik - Mikrofluidische Strategien für die Medizin 4.0
      2018 GIT-Laborfachzeitschrift, Band: 4, Seite: 16
    • Unmüssig T, Daubinger P, Weltin A, Urban S, Urban G, Kieninger J
      Non-enzymatic glucose sensing based on hierarchical platinum micro-/nanostructures
      2018 J Electroanal Chem, Band: 816, Seiten: 215 - 222
    • Zanelli A, Horn G, Frison G, Diehl Moritz
      Nonlinear Model Predictive Control of a Human-sized Quadrotor
      2018 Proceedings of the European Control Conference (ECC)
    • H Gao, J Amann, X Lyu, S Palzer
      Novel Method for Thermal Characterization of MEMS
      2018 J Microelectromech S, Band: 99, Seiten: 1 - 8
    • de la Oliva N, Mueller M, Stieglitz T, Navarro X, Del Valle J
      On the use of Parylene C polymer as substrate for peripheral nerve electrodes.
      2018 Sci Rep-uk, Band: 8, Nummer: 1, Seiten: 5965 - 5965
    • Hanemann T, Honnef K
      Optical and Thermomechanical Properties of Doped Polyfunctional Acrylate Copolymers
      2018 Polymers-basel, Band: 10, Nummer: 337, Seiten: 1 - 14

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    • De Schutter J, Leuthold R, Diehl M
      Optimal Control of a Rigid-Wing Rotary Kite System for Airborne Wind Energy
      2018 Proceedings of the European Control Conference (ECC)
    • Beh H, Hiller D, Zacharias M
      Optimization of ALD-ZnO Thin Films Toward Higher Conductivity
      2018 Phys Status Solidi A, Band: 1700880
    • M. Gorostiaga, M.C. Wapler, U. Wallrabe
      Optimizing piezoelectric receivers for acoustic power transfer applications.
      2018 Smart Material Structures
    • Vomero M, Zuchini E, Gueli C, Delfino E, Ashouri D, Carli S, Fadiga L, Stieglitz T
      Performance Evaluation of Glassy Carbon Electrodes for Neural Applications Based on Different Diameters.
      2018 Gordon Research Conference on Neuroelectronic Interfaces, 25.-30.03.2018, Galveston, TX, USA
    • Granata G, Di Iorio R, Romanello R, Iodice F, Raspopovic S, Petrini F, Strauss I, Valle G, Stieglitz T, Cvancara P, Andreu D, Divoux JL, Giraud D, Wauters L, Hiairrassary A, Jensen W, Micera S, Rossini PM
      Phantom somatosensory evoked potentials following selective intraneural electrical stimulation in two amputees.
      2018 Clin Neurophysiol, Band: 129, Nummer: 6, Seiten: 1117 - 1120
    • Beh H, Hiller D, Salava J, Trojánek F, Zacharias M, Malý P, Valenta J
      Photoluminescence Dynamics and Quantum Yield of Intrinsically Conductive ZnO from Atomic Layer Deposition
      2018 J Lumin, Band: 201, Nummer: 85
    • Zappe H
      Polymer optics for tunable and printable optical systems (Invited talk)
      2018 Advanced Fabrication Technologies for Micro/Nano Optics and Photonics XI at SPIE Photonics West, San Francisco, CA, USA
    • Feißt M, Schätzle P, Wilde J
      Power Chip Interconnections Based on TLP and Sintering of CTE- Matched Conductors
      2018 10th International Conference on Integrated Power Electronics Systems (CIPS), Stuttgart, Seiten: 331 - 336
    • M. Frei, C. Köhler, L. Dietel, J. Martin, F. Wiedenmann, R. Zengerle, S. Kerzenmacher
      Pulsed electro-deposition of highly porous Pt-alloys for the use in methanol, formic acid, and glucose fuel cells
      2018 Chemelectrochem, Seiten: 1013 - 1023
    • Jia Y, Winkler M, Cheng C, Chen F, Kirste L, Cimalla V, Zukauskaite A, Szabados J, Breunig I, Buse K
      Pulsed laser deposition of ferroelectric potassium tantalate-niobate optical waveguiding thin films
      2018 Opt Mater Express, Band: 8, Nummer: 3, Seiten: 541 - 548
    • Herr S, Werner C, Buse K, Breunig I
      Quasi-phase-matched self-pumped optical parametric oscillation in a micro-resonator
      2018 Opt Express, Band: 26, Nummer: 8, Seiten: 10813 - 10819
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